Alexi Orlando

Half-elf promoter and manager of Three Pearls


A dapper, strutting little popinjay, pompous and comical—but deeply committed to entertaining, and with a keen sense of humor and a reading for what the public will go for.


Monsignor Orlando is the manager of the Three Pearls Nightclub in the Rookery neighborhood of the Dock Ward, and can usually be found in his office there. He is also a partner at Morelli Orlando, a bardic promotions company with an office in the Castle Ward.

Pearls is one of the more innovative clubs in the city, and M. Orlando is extremely well-known throughout the city’s entertainment circle, and his acts are highly sought after.

It’s whispered that M. Orlando has dealings with Bregan D’aerthe, a criminal syndicate linked to the pirate lords of Luskan, but if anything, his association with the cloak and dagger organization has only boosted his reputation with the elite of the city.

Alexi Orlando

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