B. B. (Bad Bird)

Aarocokra former actor and body-snatched villain


Yellow aarocokra.


An itinerant actor and the most famous aarocokra in Waterdeep, B.B. made a name for himself among the artist community in Waterdeep. He was linked to the universally-panned historical farce, The Saga of Old Elthworth, which caused a string of misfortune, drinking, and eventually adventuring.

He became a prominent member of the Electric Troll Syndicate, and survived several forays into Undermountain before succumbing to an Intellect Devourer.

Known Affiliations

Xanathar Thieves Guild. Body-snatched by an Intellect Devourer of the Xanathar.
Jesters Guild. Former actor and lapsed guild member
House Byndraeth. Rescued Lord Renaer from kidnappers

Notable Items
Magical Shortsword

B. B. (Bad Bird)

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