Blackstaff Vajra Safahr

Young mage-protector of Waterdeep


A surprisingly young woman, with an unruly tumble of black hair above piercing green eyes. She prefers practical clothes of a blackish-purplish hue, with a long coat covered in elven-inked designs.


Vajra was born in Tethyr to the paladin Tamik al Safahr and Parama yr Manshaka. Grew up in Sheshyr House in Tethyr with several older siblings. She came to Waterdeep and briefly joined the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors before becoming the apprentice of Samarck Dhanzscul, the former Blackstaff. They later became lovers.

In 1485, the Blackstaff Samarck was assassinated by the Watchful Order guildmaster Khondar “Ten Rings” Naomal. Vajra became the Blackstaff’s heir, but was not yet fully prepared to assume the Blackstaff’ mantle and was captured by Khondar.

He tortured Vajra in an attempt to make her divulge the secrets of the Blackstaff, but she was rescued by Renaer Neverember and his adventuring company the Black Tears. The adventurers helped her reach Blackstaff Tower so she could fully integrate the personalities of the former Blackstaffs. With her successful merging of the powers of the former Blackstaffs, she summoned spectral hounds of the Black Hunt, which eventually tore Khondar to shreds.

When the borders of Blackstaff Tower are entered, the animated skeleton of Khondar swirls around the tower, eternally chased and ripped apart by the illusions of the hounds, replaying itself as a warning to potential intruders.

Vajra is the current Blackstaff and archmage of the city. She is the official leader of the Grey Hands, the city’s secret agents that safeguard the city from threats within and without.

Blackstaff Vajra Safahr

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