Bruella Brightblade

Dwarf City Watch-Wizard


Bruella is a shield dwarf with brown braided hair, dark eyes, and golden skin. She stands around 4’ tall and has a muscular build. She has a scar on her left hand and a large scar on her nose.

She is a perfectionist, and takes her time to get the job done right. She is more comfortable underground, and seeks out opportunities to travel into Undermountain, even though The Watch doesn’t have jurisdiction beneath the streets.


Watch-Wizard Bruella Brightblade has been a member of the Watch for five years, and is well-known throughout the city as an honest and trustworthy member of The Watch. She is deeply interested in Undermountain, particular the ruins of the underhalls of Clan Melairkyn.

Quest: There have been recurring tremors over the last couple years that have shaken the city. A few warehouses have even fallen through the ground, and many gnomes and halflings have fled the Warrens. The Watchful Order is concerned the mythals (the ancient magical wards created by the elves millennia ago) are damaged or compromised. Watch-Wizard Bruella is seeking adventurers to accompany her into Undermountain to investigate the mythals, and ensure they aren’t damaged.

Bruella Brightblade

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