Bruv the Brute

Seawolves thug wanted for murder


Bruv is a tall, husky Tethyrian human with a thick neck and square jaw. He wears layers of old clothing over leather armor. His small beady eyes dart about constantly, looking for signs of danger. He has several tattoos on his forearms, including a prominent sign of the Eye.


Bruv is a member of The Sea Wolves street gang, part of the Xanathar Thieves Guild network. He was captured by The Adventurers after the murder of Professor Geldhem near Eltorchul Academy. After he was taken to the Watch Precinct, he was broken out of jail by B. B., and is wanted by The Watch.

Quest: Bounty of 200 gp – living or dead by The Watch.

Bruv the Brute

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