Cal’ali Claddani

Half-drow bartender


A petite half-drow female with a quick wit. Friendly and pleasant—a rarity for the Port of Shadows.

She is happy to furnish visitors with information about Skullport’s other inhabitants and establishments. Cal’ali also fancies herself a gatherer of secrets and might share one or two with those she trusts.


Cal’ali runs the Flagon and the Dragon tavern in the Lower Heart district of Skullport.

Cal’ali took over the tavern after its previous owners fled. She sells three local beverages: a sherry called Amberjack (8 sp per glass), Undermountain Aluryath (10 sp per glass), a sweet white wine with a slightly nutty aftertaste, and Goat’s Head Ale (4 sp per flagon). She absolutely refuses to sell Wyrmwizz, as it offends her sensibilities. She also keeps a few rare exotic wines and spirits behind the bar.

Cal’ali Claddani

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