Goblin cabbage merchant


Chuffy is a short, round old (older than age 25) goblin merchant from the Rustbone Tribe. He is very friendly with adventurers, and tells long-winded stories of his own adventures in Undermountain selling the seemingly inedible Green Eats at the Goblin Market and Skullport to humans, elves, and other creatures.


Chuffy is a merchant that runs the “Green Eats” shop in the Goblin Market. He transports produce down to Skullport, to be sold at premium prices, even though goblins find vegetables to be almost entirely disgusting and inedible.

He has been doing this a long time, and knows some of the sneaky ways in and out on the Arcane Chambers and Sargauth Level. He hires adventurers as caravan guards, and pays protection to the Xanathar Guild for access to the stairs down to level 3, and has a raft he uses to navigate the dangerous Sargauth River. Rika Sneakthief is his trusty guide on his expeditions.

The amount of money he spends on bribes and guard payroll seems incongruous with his appearance as a humble green grocer.


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