Plague Rat thief


Elzo is a rotund young man with dark curly hair, a chubby face, sparse beard, and beady eyes. He usually wears a black cap and dresses in dark gray work clothes and an ill-fitting suit of leather armor.

Elzo always seems nervous, and has a habit of stress eating—fruit, nuts, hard tack, etc.

In truth, Elzo is a wererat, a human inflicted with the curse of lycanthropy, shunned and feared by the people of Waterdeep.


Elzo was born on the streets of Waterdeep, the son of a drunken laborer. He was infected with lycanthropy as a child, and joined the Shard Shunners, a small-time gang of halfling wererats. As he grew older, he was forced out of the gang and was soon recruited by the Plague Rats cartel.

He currently lives in the Arcane Chambers of Undermountain with a nest of wererats. They are affiliated with a Black Network cell led by a male drow mage named Riz’Terezyl, fighting the minions of the Xanathar: goblins and the human barbarians of the Dead Eyes Tribe.

He is a wererat the adventurers fought and captured on Ches 17. They later released him in exchange for information.


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