Faelar Maerindyr

Elven High-Priest of the Seldarine


Falear Maerindyr is a tall elf with light golden skin and a cold, quiet air about him. His golden hair is fine and drapes around his shoulders. He wears a simple seal of his office as High Speaker of the Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine in Waterdeep.

He is very quiet and never raises his voice. He has an air of entitlement and expectation about him. On occasion, non-elves feel like they are being silently judged by the High Speaker.


Falear Maerindyr is the high-priest and leader of the Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine. He demands much respect among the elves in Waterdeep, and is looked to as a kind of leader of the elven community in the city.

Faelar Maerindyr

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