Hala Myrt

Fence, rogue, and mercenary


Hala is a short, Turmish woman with jet black curly hair and many tattoos. She wears a simple gray cloak, but isn’t afraid to wear gold jewelry in the roughest neighborhoods. Her eyes dart about the room and from person to person.

She is more affable than her surly brother, and takes the lead in conversations. Though friendly, she is not afraid to intimidate and hurt. She is cautious and jumpy, and she reacts to every sound.


Hala joined the Arrowhawks at a young age, and still works for them as a scout. She and her brother are house guards to the young noble Orlpar Husteem, living at his house in the North Ward. She can often be found at the Grinning Lion Tavern.

Hala met with the party at the Grinning Lion and exchanged a magical sword for a contraband Potion of Clairvoyance the adventurers had found in Undermountain.

Hala Myrt

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