Halaster Blackcloak

The Mad Mage of Undermountain


Heard of only in rumor, Halaster is a powerful archmage who is thousands of years old. He is an ancient, extremely powerful, malevolent, and utterly mad wizard of great power. He is the ruler of Undermountain and all within, and it’s said the dungeon itself obeys his mad whims.


Halaster Blackcloak arrived at the foot of Mount Waterdeep centuries ago, and built his tower there long before the establishment of the city itself. He ventured ever deeper beneath the mountain, routing and hunting the drow, and carving out an extravagant dungeon known as Undermountain. Abandoned and forgotten, Halaster’s Tower fell to ruin and disrepair. The gaping pit in The Yawning Portal serves as the only remainder of the archmage’s tower.

The dark wizarding academy Dweomercore is said to dwell deep within Undermountain, where the Mad Mage himself teaches the most powerful magic to those who prove worthy of the dungeon’s traps and hazards. A number of powerful wizards, apprentices of the Mad Mage known as Halaster’s Heirs, are believed to rule over levels deep in Undermountain, and may be completely insane themselves.

Halaster Blackcloak

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