Harrikas of Tethyr

A ranger trapped in a magic sword


Harrikas was a ranger from the land of Tethyr, trapped inside a magic sword by Halaster the Mad Mage. The sword was discovered by Chungas, Talazaa Amcathra, and Tinu on Ches 23 in the Dungeon Level of Undermountain.


The Mad Mage caught the ranger and trapped his soul within the pommel gem of his own sword.

Harrikas has spent years in this lonely corner of Undermountain, fighting phantoms in his mind, but he rejoiced at finding living companions once again. He is still haunted by hallucinations from time to time.

The sword is chaotic good, and prefers to be wielded by those with a good alignment, and will refuse to be wielded by those of evil alignment. He seeks to be freed from his prison and to get revenge on Halaster for imprisoning him.

Harrikas of Tethyr

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