Lady Tasheene Melshimber

Fugitive noble heir


Young and ambitious, red-haired Chondathan human. She has distinctive red eyes.


Heir of House Melshimber, firstborn daughter • 23 years old.

Tasheene seems to hold her parents’ stodgy, traditionalist ways in contempt. She certainly is as power-hungry as they; she simply doesn’t see any use in avoiding employing whatever contacts and resources come her way.

She was involved in the Death Masks assassinations, though to what extent is unknown. Some say she was an assassin, while others insist she was an agent of Lady Silverhand. Either way, she has gone into hiding, presumably in Undermountain. Some people wonder aloud if the recent kidnapping of her brother Allory is somehow linked to her unsavory business with the criminal underworld—or if the Melshimbers did something to draw Beshaba’s gaze.

Lady Tasheene Melshimber

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