Lord Allory Melshimber

Young, impetuous noble


Allory is a young, red-haired Chondathan human with a square jaw and handsome features. He has short, wavy hair and green eyes. He carries himself with an easy grace, and is a known gambler and risk-taker. The young lord is a well-known and likable rake, and very popular among the social dilettantes. He is also a known disappointment to his family, having failed out of Candlekeep, and is prone to idle pursuits such as sports, carousing, adventuring, and gambling.


Though Allory is the eldest of the Melshimber children, and legally the heir, it’s said House Melshimber has given up in grooming him to take over the family business of scholarship and information broking. His sister, Tasheene was more suited to intrigue and information peddling and was likely to take over the business—until she became embroiled in the Death Masks plot and became a wanted fugitive.

Now, a few months after Tasheene’s scandal and disappearance, Allory has also disappeared. It’s believed that he was kidnapped by the Xanathar Thieves Guild while carousing with his friends in the Dock Ward. His friend Renaer was successfully rescued by a band of adventurers, but Allory and Selphorn Amcathra are still missing.

The family has hired Vincent Trench to find the young man.

Lord Allory Melshimber

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