Lord Dagult Neverember

Deposed overlord of Waterdeep


Neverember is an Illuskan human with dark gray hair, deep-set dark eyes, and broad shoulders. He was often called a “lion of a man” for both his appearance and bearing. Neverember has a quick temper. He is ambitious and manipulative, and he considers himself to be superior to everyone else, something that makes him overconfident.


Dagult Neverember is the Lord Protector of Neverwinter. He also is a member of the Lords’ Alliance. He was the open lord of Waterdeep for two decades, and was often called the Overlord. He was deposed three years ago for corruption and mismanaging the Dragon War. He was replaced by Lady Silverhand.

The relationship with his son, Renaer is said to be rocky and complicated at best. Lord Dagult lost his wife Lady Byndraeth years ago, and he and his son have drifted apart since.

Lord Dagult Neverember

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