Lord Selphorn Amcathra

Young, country lord from Amphail village


Clear-headed and plain, Lord Selphorn is the noble that almost no one takes for noblility. He dresses plainly, in riding leathers, most of the time, and is a talented horse-breeder and -trainer. He is somewhat shocked that his uncle wants him to be Lord Warden for Amphail, but also dreads it, as he knows that he has no choice but to accept it, even though it will make his cousin Ilcainyn despise him.


A young noble from the powerful House Amcathra, Lord Selphorn was appointed to direct the horse-breeding and training ventures at the Amcathra ranches and stables near Amphail, a village to the east of Waterdeep. With the Amcathra family scheduled to transition into leadership of the town on Shieldmeet, Lord Selphorn will become Lord Warden of Amphail when he returns from Waterdeep.

However, Lord Selphorn was kidnapped by the Xanathar Thieves Guild. On the evening of Ches 11 a ransom note arrived from the thieves demanding a king’s ransom of 50,000 gold dragons for the return of the young lord, a demand the House Patriarch refuses to entertain.

Mission: Rescue Selphorn Amcathra from the Xanathar.

Lord Selphorn Amcathra

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