Naemise Iliathor

Moon elf cleric of Sehanine Moonbow


Quiet and reserved priestess dedicated to the preservation of the elven traditions.


Naemise is the First Daughter of the Night Skies, head priestess of Sehanine Moonbow at the Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine. Her direct superior is Faelar Miritar, Sun-Blade of the Seldahine.

Naemise has taken a sacred vow to never set foot on soil cultivated by the N’Tel’Quess, or to speak to non-elves. She has dwelt in the Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine for two centuries.

She is seeking the reclamation of ancient elven artifacts from the lost empire of Aelinthaldaar, hidden in the dungeons of Undermountain.

Missions: Retrieve Ancient Artifacts, Renew Wards and Guards

Naemise Iliathor

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