Phineon Phynebottom

Jovial, yet odd alchemist


Round-faced halfling with blonde wavy hair and woolly mutton chops. Phineon often wears a heavy leather apron, and long leather gloves that reach nearly to his shoulders.


The owner and alchemist of Phynebottoms Philtres, a small potion shop in the Castle Ward. The shop is very cramped, a single small room with nearly every square inch packed full of elixirs, powders, and exotic ingredients.

Magical components, reanimants, potions, and such can be found here at bargain basement prices. But the shop and the alchemist himself have a cloudy reputation with The Watchful Order after a few mishaps with elixirs said to have been purchased here.

Phineon has also been rumored to deal with disreputable adventurers and criminals to procur black market materials. Members of the Shard Shunners gang have been spotted entering and leaving the shop from the basement entrance that leads into The Warrens.

Phineon Phynebottom

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