Talazaa Amcathra

Haughty noble


Ruthless -if someone comes at me, I will crush you, ruin your name and salt your friends. My family is very valuable, which is something I enjoy very much. My loyalty to my sovereign is unwavering and steadfast. I am easily triggered, however, and it is known that the world and its intricacies tend to revolve around me.

I have dark vision to 60’ and am an expert stealth and with thieves tools (both +7)


Known Affiliations
House Amcathra. Minor house noble, discovered House Gralhund smuggled alloys (2 renown)
House Byndraeth. Rescued Lord Renaer (1 renown)

Notable Items
Ancient Bronze Arrows
Mithrilite Sword

Talazaa Amcathra

City of Splendors. Dungeon of Madness. samarhan