Torturano Geotoni

Swashbuckling sellsword


Troturano is a Tethyrian human with short, straight, black hair, hazel eyes, and a short goatee. He stands 5’ 5" tall and has a slight build. He wears black studded leather armor, a black cape, and wields a rapier and a dagger.


Torturano was an adventurer with the Black Rams of Winters Edge adventuring company. On Ches 11, he traveled into Undermountain with the Electric Troll Syndicate, and was body-snatched by an Intellect Devourer minion of The Mindflayer. He was seen briefly later that day by the Splintered Fist adventuring company in the company of B. B. and a band of goblins. Lortho the Mediocre fell to a crossbow from the villains.

Torturano Geotoni

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