Yagra Stonefist


Half-orc mercenary and adventurer in the Doom Raiders. Yagra is a headstrong woman, unafraid to get into or even start a fight with others. She is also known to take revenge on any who harms a friend of hers.


Former adventurer and mercenary in the Doom Raiders Company. She is a lieutenant in the mercenary company, and a bodyguard of Davil Starsong, the company’s leader. She fought with the Doom Raiders in the Dragon Wars. When she isn’t in Undermountian or Downshadow, she can be found in the Yawning Portal, where she frequently wrestles with adventurers at the inn.

Her sister Yoradar is a member of the Bronzestar Company. For saving Yoradar from the Xanathar goblins, Yagra has pledged a life debt to the party.

Yagra Stonefist

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