Mithrilite Sword

A longsword made of mithril-steel alloy

weapon (melee)

Mithrilite Longsword
melee weapon (martial, sword)
Damage: 1d8
Damage Type: Slashing
Item Rarity: Uncommon
Properties: Versatile, Light
Weight: 1


Created by Clan Ironeye, a duergar clan in Undermountain, and smuggled into the city by House Gralhund. House Gralhund anticipates unveiling the swords as part of their bid to gain prestige in the Grand Game and move up in social stature. The duergar are also arming mercenaries throughout the region with the weapons.

These mithrilite weapons are exquisitely crafted and very valuable. Their introduction into Waterdeep would have accelerated House Gralhund prominence in weapon-crafting, surpassing House Amcathra.

Mithrilite Sword

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