Red Glowing Sword

A glowing red sword

weapon (melee)

This magical sword sheds dim red light in a 10’ radius.

Curse: This sword carries a curse that prevents its wielder from dropping it. If the blade is pried from its wielder’s grasp, it instantly teleports back into the wielder’s hand.

The curse can be ended by casting a remove curse spell or using similar magic on the sword’s wielder, or by chopping off the hand that holds the weapon.

Martial Melee
1d8 slashing damage
Versatile (1d10)


Discovered in Undermountain near the Hall of Pillars stabbed into a wooden armor rack.

When Frilxiun grabbed the sword, it cursed him.

The curse was removed in a ritual by the priests of Mystra at the House of Wonder, which they performed at a discount in exchange for the sword. The sword is currently kept in the Vault of Dark Magic at the House of Wonder.

Red Glowing Sword

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