Sword of Harrikas

Sentient magic longsword, legendary (requires attunement by a creature of non-evil alignment)


You have a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon.

Silver Glow. The Sword of Harrikas glows silver while unsheathed, casting dim light for 5 ft. The light can be activated or dismissed as an action by the sword’s wielder.

Natural Explorer. When attuned, the longsword grants proficiency in stealth and the features of the Ranger’s Natural Explorer ability in forests.

Trollbane. Attacks with the Sword of Harrikas are made with advantage against trolls.

Soul of Harrikas. The longsword is sentient, and Harrikas communicates telepathically with the wielder of the sword.

Dancing Sword. Once per day, Harrikas himself can animate the sword for four rounds. While animated, the effect is similar to a Dancing Sword, but the attack is +7 (1d8+5) slashing damage.

Longsword +2

melee weapon
Category: Items
Damage: 1d8+2
Damage Type: Slashing
Modifiers: Melee Attacks +2, Melee Damage +2
Properties: Versatile
Weight: 3


This longsword contains the soul of a chaotic good ranger named Harrikas of Tethyr, trapped in the green gem in the sword’s pommel.

Harrikas has not adjusted well to life as an intelligent weapon; he suffered this fate on a whim of Halaster. The Mad Mage caught the ranger and trapped his soul within the pommel gem of his own sword.

Harrikas has spent years in this lonely corner of Undermountain, fighting phantoms in his mind, but he rejoiced at finding living companions once again. He is still haunted by hallucinations from time to time.

The sword is chaotic good, and prefers to be wielded by those with a good alignment, and will refuse to be wielded by those of evil alignment. He seeks to be freed from his prison and to get revenge on Halaster for imprisoning him.

Sword of Harrikas

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