Basilisk Boys


A gang known for its mastery of Waterdeep’s sewers, the Basilisk Boys were on the verge of being wiped out by enemies to either side. After a massacre at their hideout the Skewered Dragon tavern this year, the survivors gratefully accepted the Adders’ offer of alliance this year

The Basilisk Boys recruit from street urchins and “sewer rats”—children hired as sewer cleaners (outside the Cellarers’ and Plumbers’ Guild’s purview). Current times find them subservient to the Adders, serving as information gatherers and sewer guides, and as a feeder gang promoting promising bully boys up into the slayers guild. Their truer loyalty is to the Six Hands, the only gang in Waterdeep who shows them respect. All others treat them with indifference at best, and outright hostility at worst. Chief among these enemies are the Sea Wolves, who rarely stray deeper into the city than the Dock Ward, but do not hesitate to kill Basilisk Boys on sight regardless of the consequences with the guard.


Green Dagger’s Gang, Sewer Rats


The Basilisk Boys claim the Fogwalk in the Dock Ward, though the sewers throughout the Dock Ward and South Ward are also claimed by them.


Simple chokers of small, sharp teeth (originally basilisk teeth, but now taken from a wide variety of sources)


The Basilisk Boys mark their territory with stone cairns.


The Basilisk Boys are alley-bashers and bravos, pickpockets and beggars who make their coin through robbery, pickpocketing, and begging.


The Sea Wolves
Kerrigan’s Sons


The Adders
The Six Hands
Princes of Poverty




The Basilisk Boys pledge to join the Black Network when they were folded into the Adders.


The gang is led by The Green Dagger, a young elf known for his vanity and bravado. His lieutenants are the twin thieves Tisa and Risa.


What little treasure the basilisk Boys had amassed was lost when the Sea Wolves assaulted the Skewered Dragon.


A dive bar in the Dock Ward slum.


The Green Dagger Hideout: The Basilisk Boys are said to be holed up in an old run-down merchant’s house somewhere in the Fogwalk.

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Basilisk Boys

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