Player Characters

Frilxiun – Half-elf Bard, of New Olamn College
Shae – Shadar Nok, human Watchman; Wilshar, human merchant; Shaenya, dragonborn
Talazaa Amcathra – Noble genasi rogue of House Amcathra
Tinu – Sun elf wizard and warrior
Varis Selevarun – a pale elf from the Underdark
Moira – Wood elf druid
Flora – Wood elf archer
Chungus the Just – half-orc paladin, bastard of a noble house
Lord Patches – Tabaxi noble sponsored by House Melshimber
Morris Pike – human cleric of Mask
Parapetta – young female fighter
Paulina – paladin of Tyr, knight of the Order of the Gauntlet
Verrelis – a rogue

Allies, Patrons, and Enemies


Lord Renaer Neverember – well-known noble and former adventurer. Owes a life-debt to the party for saving him from the Xanathar Guild.

The Bronzestar Company — or what’s left of it, really— Wynna and Yoradar Stonefist are two adventurers you saved from the Xanathar goblins in Undermountain.

Yagra Stonefist – famous adventurer and member of the powerful Doom Raiders Company, the Black Network mercenary company that controls Downshadow.

Bruella Brightblade – Watch wizard and member of the Watchful Order. Seeks information on the damaged Melairshield protecting Waterdeep and the magical gates of Undermountain,


Luzia Lefgyldd – professor of Eltorchul Academy. Worked with the murdered and missing professors. Will pay for information on the professors’ murders with teaching and magical items. Seeks the safe return of Professor Kroto.

Lorin the Last – Gang lieutenant and enforcer for the Adders street gang, pledged to the Black Network. Sold the party a map to the sewer lair of the Xanathar Thieves Guild in exchange for 40% of the reward for the kidnapped nobles.

Unzebrus OrusBruella’s superior and Master Wizard of the Watchful Order. Interested in particular in the aegis’kiira stone missing from the damaged elven obelisk.

Lady Byndraeth – Once-powerful noble and sister-in-law of the exiled ruler of the city. Seeks the safe return of Kroto the gnome from Downshadow. Will also pay for secrets about the nobles, guilds, and other power brokers in the city.

Lord Amcathra – Patriarch of the wealthy and powerful noble house, distinguished knight, horse breeder, vintner, and swordsmith.. Seeks the safe return of young lord Selphorn Amcathra before the Shieldmeet holiday. Also wants more information on House Gralhund’s smuggling ring and the mithrilite alloy.


Hala Myrt – fence, rogue, smuggler, mercenary. Buys and sells black market magic items out of a back room at the Grinning Lion Tavern. Works for the corrupt Lord Orlpar Husteem.

Lariat Longpiece – teenage scullion at the Yawning Portal who seems to know a lot about the goings-on in the Dock Ward.

Phineon Phinebottom – halfling potion-maker who owns Phinebottom’s Philtres Purveyor of philtres, potions, and potent potables

The Splintered Fist – adventuring company also working for Unzebrus Orus to investigate Undermountain. Disbanded after defeat in Undermountain. Remaining members died in the Pit of Blood and Fortune.

Yagra Stonefist – famous adventurer of the Doom Raiders. Sister Yoradar was rescued by the party from goblins.

The Coachman. Agent and fixer for House Amcathra.

Elzo – Wererat thief, and member of the Plague Rats gang on the second level of Undermountain. At war with the Xanathar Guild. Fellow thieves recently stole art objects from House Cassalanter.


The Xanathar – shadowy leader of the Eye Network. Killed professors of Eltorchul Academy and holds the first levels of Undermountain.

The Mindflayer – a creature of nightmare and horror that has unleashed Intellect Devourers into the dungeon and city. Allied with the Xanathar.

Characters by Organization

City of Waterdeep

The Lords of Waterdeep – hidden rulers of the city; among them, the only lord who remains unmasked is the Open Lord.
Lady Silverhand – the Open Lord and ruler of Waterdeep.
Lord Dagult Neverember – former Overlord of Waterdeep and current Lord Protector of Neverwinter.

The Watch – The city watch patrols the city to enforce the law and ensure the well-being of Waterdhavians.
Civilar Lastron Mursk – Dock Ward captain. Corrupt watchman working for Xanathar Guild. Cedar Watchpost (Dock Ward).
Watchman Schmitty – Watchman – Morinskoar Watchpost (Sea Ward).

The Watchful Order – The magic guild and magical enforcers who assist the city government in maintaining the peace.
Master Unzebrus Orrus – a master mage of the Watchful Order.
Watchwizard Bruella Brightblade – Watchwizard investigating wards in Undermountain on orders of Master Unzebrus.

The Nobility

House Amcathra – Powerful noble house in the North Ward with interests in swordsmithing, wine, and horses.
Lord Nirar- Patriarch of the House.
Lady Alynthel – consort to Lord Nirar, socialite.
Lord Ilcainyn – Heir, rake, spoiled firstborn son.
Lord Selphorn – cousin, recently appointed Warden of Amphail, kidnapped by Xanathar.
The Coachman – coachman, valet, and fixer for the house.

House Byndraeth – Deposed formerly-powerful noble family; once the ruling house of Waterdeep.
Lord Dagult Neverember – previous Overlord of Waterdeep, exiled to neverwinter where he rules as Lord Protector.
Lady Byndraeth – matriarch of House Byndraeth, merchant queen, sister-in-law to Lord Neverember.
Renaer Neverember – son of deposed lord, rescued from Xanathar Guild by adventurers.

House Melshimber – a powerful noble house rocked by recent events involving the elder children.
Lady Tasheene Melshimber – eldest daughter, heir, under suspicion for her involvement in the Death Masks scandal, and currently at large in Undermountain.
Lord Allory Melshimber – missing noble, kidnapped by Xanathar Guild.
Vincent Trench – private inquisitive in the employ of the Melshimbers to find their son.
Lord Patches – Tabaxi noble and diplomat from the far-off island of Chult. Honored guest of the Melahimbers.

House Cassalanter – the richest and most powerful family within the city, the Cassalanters catapulted to power in the last decade.

House Gralhund – low-ranking noble house suspected of dealing in smuggled weapons and possibly the slave trade.

Eltorchul Academy

Wizarding Academy in the Sea Ward. Professors have recently been murdered or gone missing.
Professor Geldhem (deceased) – master conjuror and professor of portal magic. Killed by Xanathar thieves who wanted to steal his notes on Undermountain portals.
Professor Luzia Leafgyldd – apprentice and associate professor. Wants help finding the professors’ notes.
Professor Kroto – missing gnome professor rumored to have fled down to Downshadow
Professor Thanlarr Thunderbeard (deceased) – associate of Professor Geldhem, also murdered.

The Eye Syndicate

Powerful crime syndicate that controls the city’s underworld. Also known as the Xanathar Thieves Guild.
The Xanathar – mysterious crimelord who dwells in the smuggler undercity of Skullport
The Mindflayer – an alien evil allied with the Xanathar, with an army of intellect devourers body-snatching the people of Waterdeep.
The Sea Wolves – street gang pledged to the Xanathar.
Bruv the Brute (deceased) – killed Professor Geldhem. Killed by the adventurers.
Vekik the Rail – killed Professor Geldhem. Captured by the adventurers.
Grumshar (deceased) – sorcerer and Xanathar lieutenant who kidnapped the nobles. Killed by the adventurers in the sewer hideout.
Lifrena Crane (deceased) – Xanathar Guild assassin killed by the adventurers
B. B. – Aarakocra, former adventurer body-snatched by the minions of the Mindflayer.
Torturano Geotoni – former adventurer bodysnatched by the minions of the Mindflayer.
The Blades – south docks street gang, control the streets above Xanathar Sewer Hideout.
Kerrigan’s Sons – bandits and smugglers.
Goblin Tribes – Goblin tribes on top levels of Undermountain loyal to the Eye.

The Black Network

Mercenary company, mercantile consortium, and crime network. Also known as the Zhentarim.
Doom Raiders – adventuring/mercenary company.
Adders – street gang of enforcers, and assassin guild.
Boss “Big Lip” Letho – Adders gang leader.
Lorin the Last – Adders lieutenant.
Othl – Adders goblin jester.
Basilisk Boys – street gang of pickpockets, beggars, urchins.
Six Hands – street gang of thieves, pirates, scuttlers.
Thargate Mining Consortium – mining company in Downshadow.

The Cloven Nine

Tiefling criminal organization In the South Ward in a district nicknamed Little Baator.
The Marquis of Darkened Halls – crimelord for Waterdeep branch.
Morthos – fixer, fence, information broker.

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