Cult of the Dead Three


The Cult of the Dead Three is one of many that haunt the crowded arena of competing gods. The Cult, an import from Baldur’s Gate, professes the imminent return and resurrection of the death gods Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul. The cultists proselytize that the gods are not dead, but diminished, and will return to their glory soon.

The Cult of the Dead Three is also at the center of a multitude of conspiracy theories. Often sensationalized by the city’s Broadsheets, murders and assassinations are often laid at the doorstep of the Cult, especially in cases where motives and culprits have failed to surface. Every suspicious death is blamed on Myrkul’s Death Cult, every politically motivated killing is a plot by Bane’s Black Hand, and any particularly bloody or gruesome murder is the work of Bhaal.

The Cult is believed to have a hidden temple somewhere in Waterdeep. Their symbol is a gauntleted hand piercing a skull with a dagger.

Cults of Waterdeep

Cult of the Dead Three

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