Downtime Activities


Downtime activities can include gathering information, making new contacts, creating items, relaxing, or working at a job. These tasks usually take a workweek or longer to perform. In Faerûn, time is divided into tendays, with most people working a four day workweek followed by a day off. There are two workweeks of five days each (four days working, one day off) per tenday.

Select a downtime activity below and pay the cost of that activity in time and/or money. If there’s something you want your character to do in-world, and you don’t see it on the list, we can see whether they can be resolved with downtime or through adventures. We will then follow the downtime rules to resolve the task, and you find out successes, failures, and complications that arise in the course of the activity. Because of the time downtime takes in-world, some of it will be managed away from the game table.

Lifestyle Expenses. Daily cost of accommodations, food and drink, equipment maintenance and all your other necessities. For each day spent in the world, there is a lifestyle cost.

Shopping. Waterdeep is one of the greatest cities in the world, and nearly every trade good can be found at Aurora’s Whole Realms Shop.

Relax. Sometimes all you want to do between adventures is relax. Whether a character wants a hard-earned vacation or needs to recover from injuries, relaxation is the ideal option for adventurers who need a break. This is a default activity for those who don’t engage in other downtime activities.

Gamble. Games of chance are a way to make a fortune—and perhaps a better way to lose one.

Join a Faction. Join one of the many influential organizations in Waterdeep, and get involved in the politics, intrigue, tradecraft, or skullduggery of the city.

Make an Ally. A workweek of fine food, strong drink, and socializing enables you to gain contacts with people in organizations or different social circles.

Advance in a Faction. You can spend time building relationships and gaining favor within an organization you belong to. Spending a workweek making connections and completing tasks for your faction can gain Renown in the faction.

Gather Information. Forewarned is forearmed. Hit the streets and find out what the locals know.

Sow Rumors. Swaying public opinion can be an effective way to bring down a villain or elevate a friend. Spreading rumors is an efficient, if underhanded, way to accomplish that goal.

Research Lore. Be prepared for the troubles ahead. You can spend your downtime poring over tomes to find out information on a specific subject or topic.

Buy or Sell a Magic Items. Dealing in magic items is by no means an easy task. Con artists and thieves are always looking out for an easy score, and there’s no guarantee that a character will receive a good offer even if a legitimate buyer is found.

Commit a Crime. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

Compete in a Tournament. Test your strength or skill at the Field of Triumph or one of the many tavern pit fighting locations. Engage in matches for a chance at a cash purse.

Build Property. With enough time and money, you can build or refurnish a business, a shrine, or a stronghold.

Renovate Trollskull Manor. Renovate and upgrade the property you own.

Craft an Item. A character who has the time, money, skill, and needed tools can use downtime to craft armor, weapons, and items. In addition, magical items can be created by tracking down rare materials and researching the lore or formulas needed to create the item (certain rare materials or lore may require adventures to find).

Practice a Profession. When all else fails, an adventurer can turn to an honest trade to earn a living. You can easily pick up a job paying poor lifestyle expenses for the workweek, but if you want more money there is opportunity to find better-paying work.

Train. Given enough free time and the services of an instructor, a character can learn a language or pick up proficiency with a tool.

Downtime Activities

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