Forty Owlets

A gang of cat burglars, pickpockets, and freelance thieves. An exclusively female crew, they are fiercely loyal to their thief-queen, the Abbess.

Territory. The Forty Owlets claim the tall rooftops of The Rookery in the Dock Ward.

Hangouts. Owlets gang members are commonly seen at the Friendly Flounder and Sleepy Slyph taverns.

Hideouts. The Aerie: The Owlets are said to operate out of the Aerie, a rooftop lair in the Rookery, with permission from the Adders when they signed a pact with the street gang. .

Badges. Gang members are marked with a feather tattoo.

Signs. The Adders mark their territory with feather symbols.

Activities. Their main jobs are burglary, pickpocketing, and robbery. They excel at story and higher burglary.

Enemies. The Kerrigan’s Sons

Allies. The Red Readers

Treaties. The Adders. The Adders allow the Forty Owlets to roost on the rooftops of the Rookery in exchange for help in their gang war.

Pledged. The Owlets are believed to be an independent group, but they have a treaty with the Adders and the Black Network.

Hierarchy. The gang is led by the thief-queen known as the Abbess. The Owlets are rumored to maintain close relations with Captain Ildam, a corrupt constable of the Watch.

Gangs of Waterdeep

Forty Owlets

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