Goblins are small, black-hearted, selfish humanoids that lair in caves, abandoned mines, despoiled dungeons, and other dismal settings. Individually weak, goblins gather in large — sometimes overwhelming — numbers. They crave power and regularly abuse whatever authority they obtain.

Goblin Tribes

In Undermountain, many of the goblin tribes have pledged themselves to the Eye. Ruled primarily by bugbears, these goblin tribes hold sway over the upper levels of the dungeon.

Agents of the Eye

Zarr’s Invincible Army. The largest tribe of goblins on the Dungeon Level, located north of the Entry Well. This goblin band preys on new adventurers to Undermountain, and most recently wiped out the Bronzestar Company. They have also taken kobold slaves to bolster their numbers.

Grick Snack Tribe. Goblins once stationed at the Elven Obelisk. Eaten by gricks.

The Gnawers. A large tribe of bugbears that once belonged to the Legion of the Red Hand. They have recently deserted the Legion and pledged to the Xanathar. Most of the tribe is stationed on Skull Island.

The Black Network

Black Tongue Rabble. A goblin tribe said to be demon summoners, pledged to the Black Network.

Independent Goblin Tribes

Sluggards. A tribe of slugherding goblins in the Dungeon Level at war with the tribes loyal to the Eye.

The Rustbones. A tribe of goblins has claimed many rooms in the Arcane Chambers and erected a bazaar known as the Goblin Market. These goblins are attempting to stay neutral despite increased pressure from the Eye.

Legion of the Red Hand. An army of militant hobgoblin mercenaries. Some have pledged loyalty to the Eye, while others have partnered with the Black Network. It’s unknown where their true loyalties lie.

Dread Rotter Mob. A tribe of necromancers and undead goblins.

The Birdcrunchers Tribe. A tribe of goblins near the Wyllowwood.


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