Lifrenas Book

blackbook.jpg A small black book crammed full with names, drawings, and notes about targets written by Lifrena Crane, the Xanathar Guild assassin killed by the adventurers in Session 16. The names of nine assassination targets are crossed out.

Amein Bhurke – master guildsman for Pewterers and Casters Guild. Notes on schedule and route as Amein went to and from work along Waterdeep Way, and his daily stop after work at the Blue Jack Tavern near the guildhall. Paid in full, 1000 gp by Korgstrod Uxgulm.

Zirdan Zikar – moneylender at Hlethvagi’s Coins in the South Ward. Informant for the Cloven Nine. Blueprints of the shop and the back alleys surrounding. Notes on watch patrols, regular customers, and arcane wards for the shop. Note to find out who else he told about the Xanathar’s connection to the Old Xoblob Shop. In the margin is written the name Andros, with Knight n’ Shadow written next to it. Clipping of broadsheet from last Uktar detailing a robbery of the coin shop and death of the immigrant from the Little Baator neighborhood. Paid in full, 3000 gp, K.U. plus a listing of gems stolen from shop.

Xanathar Black Market Outfitting. Notes for outfitting at Grindoth’s Treasures in Mistshore. Ask for Glinda: “Wish to purchase a needle / / With an eye in the middle.” Exotic weapons and armor for gladiator fights in Skullport.

Vei Laughingeye – vintner and sommelier at the House of Good Spirits near Caravan Court in the South Ward. Relative of member of Caravan Boys street gang. Specific notes on how he was to be drowned in his own wine, and his body left in the center of Caravan Court as a message to the gang for pledging allegiance to the Black Network. Paid in full, 1500 gp, K.U.

The Crimson Crew adventuring company that defeated a Xanathar outpost in Undermountain, and discovered the guarded entrance to the second level. Notes on each of the adventurers: Strum Gloomfall, Togrod Nickleoak, Karli the Destroyer, Sovi Rirev, Idon of Oghma, and Or “Stubblemitts” Glivroz. An account on their stays at the Smiling Succubus festhall, names of their favorite dancers and escorts (Metis, Bathixa, Nixeris, Thistlefern, Corise, Anthrecea). A sketch of the nearby Sleeping Snake Tavern, and Fishgut Alley. Downpayment 2500. 2500 outstanding, K.U. 200 gp in incidentals, mostly payments to festhall dancers, and bribes to Watchman C. Lastron, also Ebon Growth and Benightbite poison purchased from a Hala Mirt at the Grinning Lion Tavern in the North Ward.

Itemized receipts for breakfast every day for the past two ten-days at the Midnight Sun Inn. (Alturiak 20 – Ches 9) .

Benightbite poison. Notes on Benightbite poison, a shiny green, jelly-like substance that can be sweetened and used as a filling in fancy desserts. This poison is slow-acting, becoming fully effective over a course of hours after ingestion. A victim first experiences a numbing of the senses followed by fatigue and a slow decline into paralysis and sleep. Victims either recover and wake up, or die in their sleep. Possible antidotes include cherries or cherry-based wines and liqueurs. Recipe for pastries.

Receipt for 10 gp in sweets from Orb Confectioners, a small candy shop on the Way of the Dragon in the South Ward next to the Aurora’s Whole Realms Shop, South High Road Catalogue Counter.

Corise (aka Aila Eryra) – 22 yr old elf dancer at the Smiling Succubus. Witness to Crimson Crew assassination. Delivered poisoned pastries to the Crimson Crew, but didn’t eat any. She saw Lifrena’s face and reported the murder to the Watch. Has gone to hiding. Lifrena learned she is staying with a former dancer from the Purple Palace, Caeda, in a tenement on Mouse Alley. Notes on the area, and a description of Corise. (He was searching the neighborhood when he was recognized by a local shopkeeper.)

Detailed log of cheese shipments every three days in and out of Hannass Fine Cheese and Nuts. In the margin: “a sphere of eye cheese/ the greatest one at the very top.”

Arit Adarbrent – 45 y/o male Tethyrian human noble of House Adarbrent. Very detailed notes on Adarbrent Villa in the North Ward, including the location, wards, household guard, nearby City Watch patrols, windows, rooftop access, nearby sewer access, and surrounding buildings across Manycats Alley. Floorplans of the Adarbrent Fleet offices and chartroom, and the 5-story watchtower with spyglass that can peer into the harbor. Also a detailed accounting of the house’s chapel to Valkur on the property and apartments for visiting priests. Plans to gather a team who will assume the guises of traveling pilgrims of the god of sailors to get close to Lord Arit during the Fleetswake festival. Downpayment 5000 gp, c/o HA.

Lord Orlpar Husteem – Xanathar Guild smuggler, fence, and drug dealer. Drugs: Bloodroot, Dreammist, Haepthum Traveler’s Dust. Contact: Hala Myrt, Grinning Lion Tavern. 5000 gp outstanding for services rendered.

Grinning Lion Tavern – Notes on the tavern, regular customers, the owner Unger Farshal. Noted that the midden pile out back of the Grinning Lion hides an entrance to the sewer tunnels. Detailed notes on the Arrowhawks Company, active members, ongoing contracts, residences of leaders, changing of the guard.

Lord Orlpar’s Apartment. Report on the apartment of the young lord Orlpar Husteem in the North Ward near the Grinning Lion tavern, on Golden Serpent Street. Orlpar Husteem and Herwald Adarbrent have partnered in smuggling drugs and dark magic items in and out of the North Ward, where they sell drugs to young noble scions. The cellars of the residence can be used as a safehouse for Xanathar gang members (passphrase who need to lie low in the wealthy neighborhood. The cellars beneath the home access the sewers, are home to the wizard Helmyn Faunspiel, and “The Guardian.”

Haldra Urishoon – matriarch, landlord, and owner of the Three Pearls Nightclub in the Gut District and crime lord backing the Adders gang. She was one of the first local crimelords to switch to the Zhentarim from the Xanathar.

Hestor Nindrim – import-export merchant, smuggler, and associate of the Six Hands street gang in the Fog Walk district. Operates out of Ulmaril Illuminations on Presper Street.

Davil Starsong – Sun elf leader of the Doom Raiders. Zhentarim-aligned adventuring company. Closely linked to the Adders and the Six Hands. Using Downshadow as launching point against Xanathar outposts in Undermountain.

Luzia Leafgyld – bring in alive. Eltorchul Academy.

Talazza Amcathra and companions – Trollslayer? Electric Trolls? Syndicate? Yawning Portal tavern. Thirsty Throat. Adders connection? Yellow Aarocockra. Frilxiun, bard. Male elf, human mage, female halfling warrior? Rescued Renaer Neverember. Agents of the Watchful Order. Bruella the watchmage. Attacked Worg’s Eye tribe. Asking questions about Eltorchul professor and Undermountain gates research.

Lifrena Crane

Lifrenas Book

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