The impoverished sprawl on the south side of town, the lower districts are an unorganized collection of objectionable sailors, peddlers, livestock handlers, refugees, and other “undesirables” relegated to muddy streets and ramshackle tenements.

The crowded streets of Lowtown slope sharply down to the sea. Tall tenements tower over the crowded streets and alleys, casting them in shadow.

Dock Ward

Ports, by their very nature, are unclean, noisy, crowded, and constantly busy places. The Dock Ward in particular is dirty, smelly, and particularly dangerous. The City Watch and the Guilds maintain control during the day, but at night the Docks yield to the city’s gangs.

South Ward

The South Ward is a place of caravan masters and traders. This district is made up of foreigners and visitors, as well as clerks and guildsmen who work in the nearby Trades Ward. Some locals refer to the district as the “Southern Ward” due to the large number of immigrants from Calimshan, Amn, and Tethyr.

The City of Splendors


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