Palace of Waterdeep

Piergeiron’s Palace, also known as the Palace of Waterdeep, lies at the foot of Mount Waterdeep, in the district of Palisades, at the intersection of the Street of Silks and Waterdeep Way, in the Castle Ward.

The white marble Palace is the main office location for many city officials, the majority of which are dedicated to the administration of city services, such as the Watch, the Guard, city clerks, and the Loyal Order of Street Laborers. The ruler of the city – the Open Lord of Waterdeep – resides and works here.

The Lords’ Court meets in a large chamber on the second floor. There are also embassies here from many other countries and cities.

In the courtyard in front of the palace stands the Tower of Ahghairon, and nearby lie the palace stables, paddock, and guard barracks.

Castle Ward

Palace of Waterdeep

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