Sea Wolves

0563430F-1563-40F3-91C2-9BC21342B055.jpegOne of the oldest gangs in Waterdeep, the Sea Wolves have made a number of enemies in their time. They dabble in nearly every kind of gang crime; its members occasionally dabble in piracy as well, hiring aboard pirate vessels for a few years before returning to the gang. Those who’ve done so form the leadership of the gang.

The Sea Wolves are known as violent thugs and bully boys, but usually stick to their haunts in the Scales district when they aren’t plundering the Sea of Swords. Nearly a third of the gang are half-orcs, attracted to the gang by the exploits of the famed orc pirate Captain Scarbelly. Scarbelly is a wanted criminal in every Lords Alliance port along the Sword Coast. If he were to show up in Waterdeep, his hide would fetch a pretty penny: the Lords bounty is currently 5000 gold dragons for Scarbelly, dead or alive.

Territory: Scales District, Dock Ward
Leaders: Captain Scarbelly, orc pirate; Irontooth, half-orc enforcer
Badge: Sea Wolves all wear bosun’s whistles around their necks, displayed prominently.
Enemies: The Six Hands, the Basilisk Boys, the Adders
Allies: Kerrigans, Grambar’s Blades, Marrowsons,
Pledged: Xanathar Thieves Guild. As members of the Xanathar Thieves Guild crime syndicate, the Sea Wolves bear the symbol of the Xanathar, a circle with ten spokes, resembling a ship’s wheel.

Gangs of Waterdeep

Sea Wolves

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