South Ward

m1.jpgThe South Ward is a place of caravan masters and traders, and is first seen by most visitors who enter the city through the South Gate or the River Gate with the caravans. This Lower City ward is made up of foreigners and visitors, as well as clerks and guildsmen who work in the nearby Trades Ward.

This ward is the most cosmopolitan. It is named for the many settlers from southern Faerûn as well as its geographic location within the city. Because of the foreign influence from the The Lands of Intrigue, it is sometimes derisively called the “Southern Ward”.

Dust and mud is common on the streets and most buildings are old, multi-story tenements with shops or businesses on the ground floor. The architecture here is the most eclectic in the city, with a vast range of influences from every race and nation in the world.

South Ward Districts


This poor district is sometimes called Caravan City due to the large numbers of caravan merchants, teamsters and guards that swell the population of the ward most of the year. The tenements of this district tower over even the high city walls.

The Spine


Many visit the ward to experience the wonder of the Moon Sphere; a miraculous event occurring on the nights of the full moon in Dancing Court, adjacent to the Jade Dancer; one of the best-known festhalls in the city.

Notable Locations

Caravan Court: Popular place where caravans muster and disband.
The Moon Sphere: Appears in Dancing Court when the full moon is out.


The Jade Dancer: Tavern and festhall famous for its dancing statue.
The Full Cup: Caravan worker’s and hauler’s choice. Brawls were common.
The Red Gauntlet: Old, dim, and mostly quiet.
The Spouting Fish: Large, noisy, and popular.
The Sword’s Rest: Quiet, professional sword-swingers retreat.


Builders’ Hall: Headquarters of the Guild of Stonecutters, Masons, Potters, & Tile-makers.
The House of Good Spirits: Inn, tavern, winery, and headquarters of the Vintners’, Distillers’, & Brewers’ Guild.
Metalmasters’ Hall: Headquarters of the Most Careful Order of Skilled Smiths & Metalforgers.
The Road House: Headquarters of the Fellowship of Carters & Coachmen.
Saddlers’ & Harness-Makers’ Hall: Headquarters of the guild of the same name.
The Stone House: Headquarters of the Carpenters’, Roofers’, & Plaisterers’ Guild.

Shops & Businesses

Aurora’s Realms Shop Catalogue Counter: The South Ward outlet of Aurora’s Emporium.
Bellister’s House: Warehouse for Bellister’s Hand; rumored to accept stolen goods.
Brian the Swordmaster: Swordsmith business.
Brian’s Brown Leathers: Shop featuring adventuring apparel.
Nueth’s Fine Nets: Nets, rope, tarpaulins, hammocks, and similar items.
The Old Monster Shop: Unusual creatures bought and sold.
Pelauvir’s Counter: A general store for non-food items.


Wards of Waterdeep

South Ward

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