9960179e88228110aada1f4f5ca1a24d.jpgAlong the docks toward the south side of the City, the smell of salt and brine gives way to acid and sulfur. Smoke and smog of the foundries cloud the air, and the rust-stained streets run red, giving this neighborhood its name: Tarnish.

Under smoke-bent gables, palsied carcasses of houses lean against each other — languid, broken, awaiting the peace of collapse into the thick, rancid waters of the harbor below. In many places, sections of the boardwalks have fallen away completely, leaving gaping holes that expose polluted waters.

Tarnish Neighborhoods


Famous multi-story festhall and shops on the Way of the Dragon just inside the South Gate.

Smuggler’s Run

A narrow oil-slicked alley of overcrowded rowhouses built over old smugglers’ tunnels.

The Jungle

A maze of warehouses, workshops, and laboratories within a single massive building.


The tannery neighborhood is cloaked in the smell of urine and offal, and the cobblestone streets are stained red with blood.


The streets of this slum are constantly flooded, and the buildings are half-sunken into the harbor.

Tower Watch

Grim, dark, buildings lean out over the streets in the shadow of the city walls. Thick layers of soot coat every visible surface, and communal fires are kept burning in the streets near alley entrances.

The Sea Maiden’s Faire

The Sea Maiden’s Faire, a large carnival, dominates the beach along the South Wall.

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