CA805691-DA6F-436A-9B85-3CEA88686808.jpeg Tharqualnaar is a village of merfolk in Deepwater Harbor in Waterdeep, inside the flooded caverns beneath Deepwater Isle.

The village is older than the city itself, founded in the year −458 DR. It lies near the Sea Elf village of T’Quession, which is built among the sunken ruins of the elven city of ancient Aelinthaldaar on the edge of the chasm known as Umberlee’s Cache. The merfolk and sea elves have close ties, and have worked and fought alongside each other—and with the surface dwellers of Waterdeep—for centuries.

The merfolk a devout worshippers of Umberlee. They gather the tithes thrown into the harbor, and fiercely guard the entrance to Umberlee’s Cache. Many adult merfolk of the settlement are members of the Guard of Waterdeep, and aid in the recovery of corpses, spilled cargo, and sunken vessels.

Deepwater Harbor


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