The Adders

A stunningly vicious and violent gang, the Adders are fond of using poison and are frequently hired as assassins and torturers. They are said to have ties to the Cult of the Dead Three. They also have established a powerful allied bloc of gangs, alongside the Basilisk Boys and the Six Hands.

The Adders are at open war with the Sea Wolves and the Kerrigan’s Sons, both gangs of the Eye Network. The central Dock neighborhoods of the Gut and Scales have become the site of open street battles and assassinations. The Watch is now patrolling those neighborhoods in units of 20 to enforce law and order.

Territory. The Adders claim The Rookery district in the Dock Ward, bleeding over into the Gut neighborhood.

Hangouts. Adders gang members are commonly seen at the Three Pearls Nightclub on Pearl Alley.

Hideouts. The Hole: The Adders are said to lair in a place dubiously named the Hole – a defunct cistern and sewer complex near The Pearls.

Badges. Snake tattoos, the heads of which end over the backs of the hands, and up the arms. The longer-lasting and more successful Adders get their “serpents stretched,” the tattoos expanded, with the bodies eventually twining down arms, over shoulders, and coiling together down the spine.

Signs. The Adders mark their territory with simple snake symbols.

Activities. Their main jobs are intimidation, shakedowns, and assassinations, but they do run a few protection rackets.

Enemies. Seawolves, The Kerrigan’s Sons

Allies. The Basilisk Boys, The Six Hands

Treaties. Forty Owlets. The Adders allow the Forty Owlets to roost on the rooftops of the Rookery in exchange for help in their gang war.

Pledged. The Black Network. It’s believed the Adders have been engaging in criminal activity on behalf of the Zhentarim for over a year, but the Watch has never been able to conclusively link them together.

Hierarchy. The gang is led by Boss Letho, known as Big Lip, an elephantine man possessed by a weakness for wine and a yearning for power. His lieutenant is a seasoned veteran known as Lorin the Last.

Assets. It’s rumored the Adders have amassed a fortune from assassination contracts.

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The Adders

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