The Arcane Chambers


The second level of Undermountain was once an academy of dark magic centuries ago. Beneath his tower, Halaster Blackcloak established a sprawling series of laboratories, libraries, and ritual chambers.

The Arcane Chambers of Halaster quickly became a world-renowned academy of magic. Mages traveled from across the world to learn from the archmage, and from the most cunning he selected his apprentices, which were named Halaster’s Heirs. The most powerful of these wizards chosen— called The Seven—grew mighty, ruling the Arcane Chambers as the Mad Mage delved deeper into the ancient dwarven ruins.

For centuries, the Arcane Chambers were overseen by the Seven, led by Arcturia Manyforms and Trobriand the Metal Mage. When the Mad Mage never returned, one by one, the Seven followed their master deep into Undermountain. Some of the Heirs still remain in the labyrinthine corridors of the Arcane Chambers, experimenting with magic and monstrous creatures.

When the archmages followed their master deeper into the dungeon, they founded Dweomercore, a new academy of dark magic. The Arcane Chambers were given over to their students to hold. Though some mages still remain, many of the laboratories and libraries have since fallen to goblins, cultists, and thieves. Where the academy once stood is now the Goblin Market, where it’s rumored that anything can be bought or sold, at a price.

The Goblin Market. A black market where anything can be bought or sold.

Dead Eyes Watchpost. To the southeast of the Goblin Market, a Xanathar Guild watch post controls the nearby stairs leading down to the Sargauth Level.

Ancient Tombs. There are many noble tombs remaining from when the warlords of Waterdeep controlled the upper reaches of Undermountain.

Dark Temples. It’s believed temples to dark gods remain among the chambers of this level.

Dwarven Ruins. Undermountain is built upon the ruins of Melairbode, the ancient citadel of the Melairkyn dwarves, before it was destroyed by the armies of the drow.


The Arcane Chambers

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