The Guard


The Guard of Waterdeep, often referred to as the City Guard, is a highly trained military organization of fully-armored soldiers responsible for defending the great city of Waterdeep and patrolling its territories. Within Waterdeep, the Guard protects the city walls, gates, and its important buildings, and provides escorts for government officials. It also patrols the harbor and the trade roads leading from Waterdeep to Amphail, Goldenfields, and Daggerford.

The Warden of Waterdeep commands the entire organization. The perennial command positions are Seneschal of Castle Waterdeep, Defender of the Harbor, Master of the North Towers, and Master of the South Towers. Command positions only activated during wartime are the Lords’ Hand and Lords’ Champion.

The exact size of the Guard is a secret only known to the Lords of Waterdeep, but it is thought to be over 1,000 strong. In times of war, it could enlist mercenaries and grow to a contingent of up to 12,000 members. Members of the City Guard are paid a salary of 6 gp per month.

Griffon Cavalry

Waterdeep’s griffon-riders patrol high above the skies of Waterdeep, defending Mount Waterdeep and the city below against intrusion. The Griffon Calvary is an elite company of the City Guard, and reports directly to the Lord Warden.

Waterdeep Navy

Heavily reliant on maritime trade, Waterdeep has long maintained a powerful navy capable of dominating its rivals along the Sword Coast and protecting its merchant shipping from pirates and monstrous threats.

The Guard

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