The Guilds of Waterdeep

The guilds are organizations composed of like-minded individuals to further and protect their interests. Guilds appear in many different forms but typically offer benefits such as camaraderie and even financial support to members. The large, powerful guilds control trade in certain goods, and hold a near monopoly over their crafts.

Guilds take their laws seriously, as do members of the City Watch and the magisters. If you flout a guild’s traditions, you can expect not only public scorn but also a visit from enforcers of the law. In addition, many guilds have their own codes of accusation, trial, and punishment, such as:

A member of the Bakers’ Guild who sells bread baked in the wrong shape will be drenched with water and coated in his own flour. Heckling a member of the Jesters’ Guild will result in the offending party being jeered at in public by no less than four guild members for a period of four days. Any ship that unloads its cargo without due observance or aid by the Guild of Watermen shall have its cargo seized or thrown into the harbor.

Registered Guilds

The Bakers’ Guild: Bakers of breads and pastries.

The Carpenters’, Roofers’ and Plasterers’ Guild: Builders of non-stone buildings, plus roofs and plaster walls.

The Cellarers’ and Plumbers’ Guild: Digging building foundations, keeping sewers functional and safe.

The Coopers’ Guild: Barrel-makers.

The Council of Farmer-Grocers: Farmers and produce-sellers in market.

The Council of Musicians, Instrument-Makers, and Choristers: Instrument craftsmen, musicians and singers.

The Dungsweepers’ Guild: Street cleanliness maintenance, and stables cleaning (for a fee); occasionally hired by the city to aid in sewer work.

The Fellowship of Bowyers and Fletchers: Bow- and arrow-makers.

The Fellowship of Carters and Coachmen: Those who own and use carts, wagons, coaches, litters and sleighs as their primary business. Often includes loading and unloading of cargos from such.

The Fellowship of Innkeepers: Those who own inns and taverns.

The Fellowship of Salters, Packers, and Joiners: Preservation of food, packing of goods for transport, building of crates.

The Fishmongers’ Fellowship: Buyers and sellers of fish; does not include actual fishermen.

The Guild of Apothecaries and Physicians: Healers and medicine-makers.

The Guild of Butchers: Butchers, slaughterers and meat-sellers.

The Guild of Chandlers and Lamplighters: Candle- and lamp-makers, and lamplighters employed by the city to keep city lamps lit at night.

The Guild of Fine Carvers: Woodcarvers.

The Guild of Glassblowers, Glaziers, and Speculum-makers: Glass-makers.

The Guild of Stonecutters, Masons, Potters, and Tile-makers: Stone- and clay-workers.

The Guild of Trusted Pewterers and Casters: Metal casters (rather than forgers)

The Guild of Watermen: Water pilots who keep the harbor free of debris, pilot small skiffs and boats for passengers, and do dock-work.

Jesters Guild: Actors, mimes, and performers.

The Jewelers’ Guild: Jewelers and gem-cutters.

The Launderers’ Guild: Clothes washers.

The League of Basketmakers and Wickerworkers: Woven wood crafters.

The League of Skinners and Tanners: Skinners and leather-makers.

The Loyal Order of Street Laborers: Street repair and maintenance workers.

The Master Mariners’ Guild: Ship captains and merchant fleet investors.

The Most Careful Order of Skilled Smiths and Metalforgers: Metalsmiths.

The Most Diligent League of Sail-makers and Cordwainers: Sails and rope-makers.

The Most Excellent Order of Weavers and Dyers: Cloth-makers.

The Order of Cobblers and Corvisers: Makers of shoes, boots, clogs and all forms of footwear.

The Order of Master Shipwrights: Ship builders.

The Order of Master Taylors, Glovers and Mercers: Clothing and accessory makers.

The Saddlers’ and Harness Makers’ Guild: Tack makers.

The Scriveners’, Scribes’, and Clerks’ Guild: Document makers and record-keepers.

The Solemn Order of Recognized Furriers and Woolmen: Fur-trappers and wool-shearers.

The Splendid Order of Armorers, Locksmiths, and Finesmiths: Weapon and armor smiths, small ornament or gadget makers, delicate smithwork.

The Stablemasters’ and Farriers’ Guild: Breeders, trainers, stable-hands or -owners; includes exotic mounts.

The Stationers’ Guild: Paper- and parchment-makers, plus makers of wax, ink, blotters, gilt ink, pen metal nibs and the like..

The Surveyors’, Map, and Chartmakers’ Guild: Building designers, map makers, surveyors for building construction.

The Vintners’, Distillers’ and Brewers’ Guild: Alcohol makers.

The Wagonmakers’ and Coach Builders’ Guild: Wagon- and cart-makers.

The Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors: Mages’ guild.

The Wheelwrights’ Guild: Wheel makers.

The Guilds of Waterdeep

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