The Hole

The Adders make their lair in an abandoned underground cistern in the Gut neighborhood. The gang hideout is accessible through tunnels beneath Pearl Alley, near Three Pearls Nightclub.

The cistern is several stories deep, and lined with bricks and clay. Smoking fires from within the cistern stain the ceiling and leak out to the surface. The complex connects to the sewers, and the entire complex stinks of sewage and smoke.

Past the initial tunnels and the iron gate a the entrance, the common room of the Adders is filled with dozens of straw pallets cast haphazardly on the uneven wooden floor. Iron braziers hang from pins in the stone ceiling casting a dull red light about the chamber. The air is thick with smoke and the ceiling is stained with greasy soot. A dozen or so crude wooden crates double as benches, with half-eaten plates of food and jacks of wine lying about.

In the center of the large common room is the Hole, which holds the gang’s lieutenants, and at the bottom of the pit, is the lair of the gang’s boss “Big Lip” Letho.

The Gut

The Hole

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