The Rookery


A maze of tall wood and stone jettied buildings, crowded lanes and winding alleys, this eastern Dock Ward district slopes up toward the city. The air is cold and damp, smells of fish, rotten wood, and stinging salt. The multi-story rowhouses are decrepit—worn stone, rotting wood, leaking roofs—crowded tenements for the wretched inhabitants of the Docks.

The Honorable Knight stands tall at the north end of the district, ever vigilant, as if keeping the evil of the Dock Ward at bay and safeguarding Waterdeep Castle.

The Rookery Neighborhoods

Amanaster’s Lane. A tightly clustered neighborhood made up of many-storied warehouses and the ramshackle row houses crammed into the spaces between them, this neighborhood has something of a claustrophic feel to it.

Blackwell. Named for eponymous well, the neighborhood surrounding the courtyard is known for high crime. Rival street gangs claim this territory, making it a very dangerous area of the Dock Ward.

Bulette Point. Atop a small rise of broken stone is a patchwork of tall jettied rowhouses and multi-story warehouses built haphazardly on the terraced streets.

Candle Lane. A dark eerie slum where the sun rarely shines and the narrow streets are perpetually shrouded in shadows. The buildings that line the lane are tall and foreboding, their cracked facades and broken windows hinting at a long history of neglect and decay.


Emeskine’s Shine





The Pearls

Philosopher’s Court

Notable Locations

The Thirsty Throat. This ramshackle tavern, just west of the Way of the Dragon and at the corner of Zastrow Street. and Candle Lane, is rumored to be a hangout of thieves, cutthroats, and other rogues.

Serpentir Books & Folios. An exclusive and expensive shop that traffics in all manner of maps, charts and books.

The Friendly Flounder

Maernath Storage

The Pavilion of Paving Stones
Guildhall. Loyal Order of Street Laborers.

Three Pearls Nightclub. A popular festhall with nightly stage acts such as comedians, trained animal acts, illusionists. displays, recitals by famed bards and orators (many students from New Olamn), and exotic dancing.This exquisite nightclub is named for its legendary original purchase price; three black pearls torn from a dancer’s outfit.

Aurora’s Realms Shop, Slut Street Catalogue Counter

The Purple Palace

The Old Xoblob Shop


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The Rookery

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