The Sargauth Level


The Sargauth Level is the third level of Undermountain. The River Sargauth, for which it is named, connects to Skullport.

Among the professor’s notes is a partial map of this level of the dungeon.

The River Sargauth. The underground river cuts through the Sargauth level and flows down to the fourth level.

Skullport. The Port of Shadows is a smugglers’ haven and slave port renown for its vice and wickedness.

Stromkuhldur. An settlement built by the dwarves of Melairbode, now said to be the hold of the Legion of the Red Hand near Skullport.

Khundrukar. The Forge of Fury, Khundrukar, was the legendary foundry of the dwarves, where some of the mighties blades in the known realms were forged. Now it is said to be held by the Duergar, the hated foes of the Shield Dwarves.

Promenade of the Dark Maiden. The most sacred temple to Eilistraee, the good drow goddess of dance and freedom is said to lie near Skullport. The Protectors of the Song vigilantly guard the Pit of Ghauanadaur.

The Pit of Ghaunadaur. A mile-deep shaft where the Cult of the Elder Eye prophecy their mad god of abominations will return to devour the world.


The Sargauth Level

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