The Seawolves


One of the oldest gangs in Waterdeep, the Seawolves have made a number of enemies in their time. They also dabble in nearly every kind of gang crime; its members occasionally dabble in piracy as well, hiring aboard pirate vessels for a few years before returning to the gang. The Seawolves have deep connections to the sailors and their ranks swell during the winter and stormy seasons. Their main activities are piracy, and smuggling, but they also run protection rackets in the Scales district.

Territory: Scales, Dock Ward
Badge: The Seawolves wear bosun’s whistles around their necks, displayed prominently. They have nautical tattoos and often carry belaying pins.
Enemies: Six Hands, Basilisk Boys, Adders
Allies: Kerrigan Sons, Grambar’s Blades, Marrowsons,
Pledged: Xanathar Thieves Guild. As members of the Eye, the Sea Wolves bear the symbol of the Xanathar, a circle with ten spokes, resembling a ship’s wheel.
Leaders: The gang is led by Ti Shukren, a notable pirate who is a scourge along the Sword Coast. Her lieutenant is a seasoned veteran known as Irontooth.
Hangouts: The Skewered Dragon Tavern
Hideouts: The Grindstone, a run-down tenement building in Scales is said to be the headquarters of the Seawolves.

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The Seawolves

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