The Vault


Notable Items

Magic items and important items of note found during adventure.

Location: Amcathra Manor

Safeguarded by House Amcathra. Enchanted outer wall; 40 household guards; other unknown defenses.


1699 Gold Dragons (1 gp value ea.)
33 Harbor Moons (50 gp value ea.)
95 Platinum Suns (10 gp value ea.)
12 Bronze Taols (2 gp value ea.)
130 Electrum Centaurs (from Amn, 1/2 gp value ea.)
2570 Silver Shards (1/10 gp value ea.)
6990 Copper Nibs (1/100 gp value ea.)

24 Mithrilite Swords
(taken from House Gralhund smuggling hideout in the sewers)
24 rods of Mithrilite Alloy
(taken from House Gralhund smuggling hideout in the sewers)
white staff (was broken, when mended it cried out “Thief, Thief” with the last of its magic.)
gold cufflette (5 gp valeu)
brass earring (1 sp value)
shard of mirror from Xanathar Sewer Hideout
quartz necklace
1 dagger
chain shirt
Chalcedony gemstone (50 gp value)
Gold necklace with moonstone (120 gp value)
3 amethysts (100 gp ea.)
Scroll of Protection from Plants
carved wooden rabbit statue (75 gp value)
gold mug with jade inlay (250 gp value)
a rolled up oil painting of Waterdeep Harbor (75 gp value)
set of gem inlaid dragon figurines (250 gp value)
a silk runner set with moonstones (750 gp value)
small bronze crown with the name “Queen Clarhida” (25 gp value)
Undermountain Map (directions to the Arcane Chambers)
Silver mirror
Enamel dice (loaded)
Insect-faced idol of Jergal
silver mirror
Gold bracelet
3 onyx (50 gp)
Moonstone (50 gp)
Bloodstone (50 gp)
Jasper (50 gp)

Location: Trollskull Manor

No known protection or defenses

Trollskull Manor – old manor house in need of repair
1 keg of Baldur’s Gate Pale Ale – 2 gp value
The Bone Throne

Location: Byndraethall Stables

Safeguarded by House Byndraeth. Outer wall, 24 household guards. Possible magical wards.

Professor’s Notes and Journal on Undermountain gates

The Vault

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