The Watch

Waterdeep has both a standing army (The Guard) and a police force (the City Watch). Though they often work together, the average Waterdhavian or visitor to the city will most often come into contact with watch street patrols, and see the Guard only at city gates, manning the walls or boarding ships for harbor inspections, and overhead on griffonback.

Watch Patrols

Patrols pass along main streets once between bells, and vary their routes often. Dockside, “red-light,” and known frequent-theft areas receive around five patrols per bell, as do known “bad” taverns and inns. Temples are policed lightly, because clergy are assumed to police their own grounds and buildings. Watch patrols are on foot but can call horse-drawn watch prison carts to carry off prisoners or confiscated goods.


Ranks of the Watch

Watch members hold the following ranks. There are several “groups” of rankings: Watchmen are the rank-and-file patrolmen, assisted by Watch-mages from the Watchful Order.
Civilars are field leadership that run the watchposts throughout the city.
Officers are administrative leadership, coordinating the efforts of the Watch on a larger scale.

All watch patrols are armed and carry more than one watch horn. These signal horns are used to sound alarms and call for reinforcements. Many patrols have a watch mage from the Watchful Order.


A watch member receives 25 gp upon joining, plus a free uniform, a pair of boots, training, and (one) weapon. Thereafter the watch member receives free room and board at assigned watch barracks, plus 5 sp per day (active duty or not), plus 4 sp per patrol. Officers receive the same 5 sp rate, but 5 sp, 7 sp, or 1 gp per patrol, depending on rank.

The watch member also receives one replacement uniform, a pair of boots, and an additional weapon per year; others must be paid for out of salary.

Legal Status

Members of the watch enjoy a wide but legally undefined immunity from most Waterdhavian laws while exercising their duties. They can appeal any sentence uttered against them by any Black Robe (magistrate) to the Lords of Waterdeep, which in practice means Lady SIlverhand — who has been very lenient with watch members of long service and good character.

The Watch

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