The Watchful Order

watchful_order.jpgThe Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors is the wizards guild of Waterdeep.

While technically a guild, the Watchful Order also police the use of magic within Waterdeep, encouraging wizards to use magic wisely and assist the City Watch in dealing with threats to the city. The Order serves Waterdeep by providing spell wards for wealthy inhabitants and maintains important wards throughout the city. The Order provides many services to its members, including spell components, a respectable library, and a a laboratory.

Relations between the Watchful Order, City Watch, the Blackstaff, and Church of Mystra, are generally cooperative in defending the city from magical threats to the city.


The Watchful Order’s stronghold is the Tower of the Order in the Castle Ward.

Notable Members

Bowgentra Summertaen – Guildmaster of the Order
Unzebrus Orrus – Master Wizard of the Order
Bruella Brightblade – City Watch Mage

Faction Ranks

Apprentice (renown 1). You are apprenticed to a master within the Guild.
Journeyman (renown 3). You have completed your Journeyman’s Work, and may now work within your guild’s specialty, albeit under the direction of a master.
Master (renown 7). You are an acknowledged master of your art in your own right.

The Guilds of Waterdeep

The Watchful Order

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